Are you still under the notion that affordable, top-quality computer-assisted animation is the thing of the future? Well, the future is now, and the following 5 tips are for anyone making their first animated marketing video.
When you have to show off the best bars in Melbourne to your international visitor, you take them to 1806. Simply, the best bar hands down in my opinion.
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Unlike most other occupations that require a tedious, run of the mill and an ever so mundane framework of operation, graphic design thrives on the ability to deliver creativity! A graphic designer needs to constantly explore the vistas of his/her creative mind to be able to conjure the best designs. The constant brainstorm is what finally paves way to greatness, in the form of a great design. This coveted career choice allows people the liberty to work on their own ideas and also bestows them with an opportunity to work with the best people in this paradigm!
PowerPoint and Keynote have long been the de facto standard and the most widely used presentation tools for all your office or personal needs – nearly ubiquitous on corporate computers, feature packed and tightly integrated with other office applications to the extent that they provided the control an average user needed to create and deliver a pitch. In fact for most part of its history, PowerPoint has been almost synonymous with the word “presentation” both used and abused interchangeably. Like it or loathe it, both these tools are here to stay. Having said that presentation tools have come
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Powerful design that can be customizable according to the user needs with stunning inbuilt features and user friendly interface which is fully automated. Rex Spa is one of the biggest sauna and spa machine manufacturers in India.
As a follow-up to our previous blog HOW MICKEY MOUSE CAME TO OUR LIVES WITH 2D CHARACTER ANIMATION, this one will talk about the different types of 2D animation for all the lovers and enthusiasts of this animation form.
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